Willtrade sources fish products from our supply network including partners from Latin America, China and North Africa. Our partners understand that quality is the most important factor when choosing fish products. We work with partners who maintain quality fish through proper farming, transporting and eviscerating practices. WillTrade helps to provide our customers a competitive advantage through pricing, minimizing inherent risks and facilitating seamless transactions from all parts of the world. Foreign exchange options, logistic choices and financing options are standard services offered when choosing WillTrade.

With over 150 years of combined experience, our trading teams have spent time on both the supplier and buyer side of the industry. This offers our fish clients’ up-to-date market information, allowing them to take advantage of current and projected market movements. Our experience ensures that we are able to provide the most accurate well-timed product offerings to ensure our customers competitiveness in their respective market places.

We are currently offering our customers a variety of fish products including Tilapia, Hake and much more. We have a well-established global transportation network to ensure your product arrives with the required health certificates and documentation necessary to enable quick customs clearance.

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