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WillTrade International Inc. is a growing meat trading company focused on developing global markets. We specialize in the trade of premium, quality fresh and frozen poultry, pork, beef and fish. Our meat products are sourced from our dependable and trustworthy suppliers around the globe.

Our international customers are importers and distributors of food ingredient raw materials. We are proud of our international growth and the relationships we have established with our meat traders from North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East. We have a well-established international logistics network to ensure prompt delivery of your product with the proper health certificates and documentation necessary.

At WillTrade International, we are constantly looking for new products and solutions for our clients. It is our attention to detail that has enabled us to develop exceptional customer service and maintain excellent working relationships with our global partners, which has proven to be a catalyst to our international growth

  • Light fowl leg quarters, light fowl wings, light fowl whole birds
  • Heavy fowl leg quarters, heavy fowl wings
  • Chicken whole legs, chicken thighs
  • Chicken wing portions, chicken necks and backs, chicken gizzards
  • Turkey three joint wings, turkey drumsticks, turkey thigh meat
  • Turkey two joint wings, turkey necks, turkey tails
  • Chicken leg quarters
  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Beef kidneys, beef tripe, beef feet
  • Beef livers, beef forequarters
  • Fish
  • Whole round hake
  • Mechanically separated turkey and chicken
  • Pork riblets, pork sirloins, pork masks, pork ear drums
  • Boneless chicken breasts
  • ...and much more


  • Toll free: 1.866.606.6001
  • Telephone: 519.942.3523
  • Fax: 519.942.1468
  • Email: service@willtrade.ca


This is a high performance world, and we are always interested in knowing the brightest and best traders.

Contact us in confidence at: careers@willtrade.ca


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