WillTrade International sources premium quality raw and frozen product from Brazil, Canada and United States for our Asian customers. As one of the fastest growing international meat trading companies we have developed close relationships with our global partners and suppliers.

At WillTrade Commodities Inc. we import and export high quality products at valued prices through our worldwide supply network. Our decades of experience in the international meat exporting industry allows for us to get our clients the best quality for the best price. Our traders have experience on both the supplier and buyer side, making our wholesale meat distributors more knowledgeable about different industry tactics. We are also hold active memberships at Canadian Pork International, Importers and Exporters Council of Canada and Canada Beef.

Our Asian customers rely on us to source a variety of chicken, turkey, pork and beef products. Our team is well versed in the languages and culture where we export our premium meats from as well as the customs in those markets. We have established a global logistics network to ensure goods arrive on time to all major ports with the required health certificates and documentation necessary for quick customs clearance.

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